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Reserved Names and Name Collision Occurrence Management Complaint Form

This form allows Internet users to submit a complaint to ICANN regarding a registry operator for Reserved Names or Name Collision Occurrence Management violations.

Before submitting a complaint, please confirm whether the domain name is included in the lists of domain names that registry operators must reserve by reviewing those lists at

Note that a list of reserved names required for each top-level domain (TLD) is included in the relevant registry agreement (RA), and may vary depending on the TLD. The RA permits registry operators to reserve other names at their discretion. To determine which RA applies to a TLD, you may visit ICANN's webpage with all current registry agreements.

Registry operators may obtain authorization to release certain reserved domain names in the terms described in the relevant RA. However, they are not required by the RA to release those names even if they are authorized to do so.

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