How to Suggest and Encourage Someone to Become a Candidate

To enhance the Candidate pool from which the Nominating Committee (NomCom) will choose appointees, we encourage you to suggest the name(s) of individuals whom we should invite to complete the Statement of Interest. Please note that Candidates must complete a Statement of Interest to be considered: a suggestion is neither compulsory nor sufficient for consideration in the NomCom process.

(a) Name of Person you wish to suggest as a candidate

(b) Position(s) for which person should be considered. *

Please refer to ICANN Leadership Positions for more information.

NomCom will acknowledge your suggestion and will provide the person(s) you have suggested with the Statement of Interest Form and Instructions. It is recommended, but not required (in line with (f) above) that you inform those whom you suggest as candidates that you have submitted their names to NomCom.

NomCom will contact by e-mail all those for whom it receives such suggestions to request their submission of a Statement of Interest. The NomCom will only consider and select individuals who have submitted a completed Statement of Interest.

A suggestion is not required for eligibility as a Candidate in the NomCom process, self-nominations are encouraged.

Note also that endorsements by organizations or groups and lists of signatories are not appropriate for this NomCom process, and they will not influence the NomCom's selections.

The NomCom's procedures call for confidential treatment of the identities of Candidates and the NomCom's discussions about the Candidates.

The NomCom does not disclose externally whether individual Candidates have been suggested or who suggested them, and advises that you maintain the confidentiality of your suggestion since the person you named to us may not wish his/her candidacy to be disclosed.

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