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WSIS+20 Outreach Network

The World Summit on the Information Society: 20-year review (WSIS+20) Outreach Network brings together like-minded stakeholders to facilitate coordinated efforts leading up to the WSIS+20 negotiations in 2025. 

The WSIS+20 Outreach Network aims to provide rationale to the U.N. Member States, all stakeholders, and the general public for why the WSIS+20 Review Process should result in (among other goals) preserving the current multistakeholder model of Internet governance and extending the Internet Governance Forum (IGF) mandate.


The WSIS+20 Outreach Network will inform its members, as well as all relevant stakeholders, about latest developments in Internet governance and will:

  • Engage in discussions on how to preserve and continue to evolve the multistakeholder model of Internet governance for the good of all Internet users.
  • Provide space for stakeholders to share information on what they are doing to keep the Internet open, secure, and interoperable.
  • Promote the IGF as a platform for all stakeholders – governments, technical community, civil society, businesses, academia, individual users, and others – to come together on equal footing to discuss issues related to the Internet.
  • Bring together the collective voices of its members to safeguard the distinctive role of the technical community.

Why Now?

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