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Programs for Professionals and Students

ICANN is dedicated to creating opportunities for everyone to get involved with Internet policymaking, regardless of geographical location or prior experience. If you want to get involved with ICANN, but don’t have the means to travel to one of our Public Meetings, you can apply to become a Fellow or a NextGen@ICANN representative.

Watch: NextGen@ICANN and Fellows Video (2 minutes)
Watch: NextGen@ICANN and Fellows Video (2 minutes)

Fellowship Program

The goal of the ICANN Fellowship Program is to prepare and support individuals with diverse
backgrounds to become active participants in the ICANN community. A priority is given for individuals from groups that are underserved and underrepresented at ICANN.

Fellows are exposed to the workings of the ICANN community, are assigned a mentor, and receive training across different areas of knowledge and skill building before, during, and after an ICANN Public Meeting. Travel assistance to attend the meeting is also provided.

Fellowship participants come from a variety of backgrounds. Check out program participants and statistics for more information.

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The ICANN organization is looking for the next generation of individuals who are interested in
becoming actively engaged in their regional communities and in shaping the future of global Internet policy. Important work is happening every day at ICANN. If you are ready to start your journey, attending an ICANN Public Meeting as a NextGen@ICANN participant is the place to start!

Through the NextGen@ICANN program, ICANN provides coaching and travel assistance to students from the region where the ICANN Public Meeting is taking place.

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