ICANN For Beginners

New to ICANN? Here you'll find valuable information to help you get started on your ICANN journey. Explore our learning courses, infographics, videos, and other resources.

Courses and Learning

What is ICANN Learn?

The ICANN ecosystem is complex. The quickest way to become an impactful member of the Internet community is to take online courses available on our ICANN Learn platform. Here you can learn about how the Internet works and how it is governed, how to write policy, and what to expect at ICANN’s Public Meetings.

Featured Courses

If you’re just starting your ICANN stakeholder journey, we recommend taking these courses first. You will need to create an ICANN Account to use ICANN Learn.


ICANN also offers live courses as well as skill and knowledge building workshops for beginners, virtually, and in person. You can find upcoming opportunities on the Engagement Calendar or the next ICANN Public Meeting agenda.

Courses and presentations for groups may be available upon request. For more information, see the technical engagement training course catalog and connect with your regional team.


Participate in the ICANN for Beginners Virtual Program for a dynamic overview of ICANN and the global Internet ecosystem. Experience a series of engaging webinars tailored for newcomers, each focusing on a key topic. Learn how to join the global ICANN community and play a role in shaping Internet governance.